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Hey there. My name is Brian Treese. First and foremost, I am a husband to my beautiful, amazing wife Jennifer, a father to my son Avery, and daughter Dakota. I am also the Chief of User Experience at SoCreate where I work with a very talented and all-around great group of people.

Treese Family

I’ve been designing and building for the web for quite a long time now (early 2000’s 🫣). It’s funny, because in my mind the early 2000's doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but now I look out there at all you young whippersnappers and I realize just how old I am.

I started out and built my first website, complete with some Flash animations and blinking text, for a t-shirt company that some friends and I started back in college. We created some cool shirts, but the company never went anywhere. Both of those guys have gone on to create some pretty amazing businesses for themselves though. One created 1850 Restaurant and Brewery and the other created Fungi Temple. Really proud of those guys!

Now, when I realized the t-shirt business wasn’t going to pay my bills, I put together my first portfolio site with less flash and no blinking text this time around. I then used this site to help wow Justin Couto at Couto Solutions and the rest is history.

At that time, I was much better at designing things than I was building them. In fact, for the first website that I got paid to work on at Couto Solutions, my coworker Jami (a software developer), had to show me how to use the Slice tool in PhotoShop. I didn’t know a whole lot about HTML or CSS at the time. Let’s just say that since then, using them daily for all these years, I’ve grown to understand them and many other front-end languages, frameworks, tools, and technologies a little better.

In this time, I’ve also learned that working in this industry, there’s always more to learn and things change every day. So, I continually need to work hard to keep up.

This all leads me to where I am today. I have one of the coolest jobs I could have. I get to work, every day, with people who are smarter than me to build an amazing product on the latest and greatest web technologies. It’s fun, it's challenging, and I love it. I also love sharing what I’ve learned with others. So, if you work on the web like me, I’ve created some things that may help you out!

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