Oh Wow, That’s Neat – 04: Ink - Responsive Email Templates

January 30, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

Anyone who's ever had to create HTML emails knows that it sucks. You have to write old, crappy, code and inline style everything. You have to use tables because more modern float layouts just don't work consistently across the bagillion email clients that are out there. Overall, I would say that they are probably my least favorite part of the Job. But, they don't have to be. Thanks to the great folks at [ZURB](http://zurb.com/) we can hit the ground running when developing HTML emails.

Ink - Responsive Email Templates

ZURB has provided Ink - Responsive Email Templates and opened them up for all of us to use. They have captured all of the little gotchas and quirks with html emails into a handful of templates and boilerplates. They have mastered responsiveness in their email templates as well meaning that we can now create emails that look great on any device.

One more really awesome thing that they provide is an “Inliner”. It takes your normal HTML and CSS and converts it all to inline styles for the best client support. This allows you to write and manage your code as you normally would and then, with the simple click of a button, generate a solid HTML email.

More Info & Download

You can get more info and download it here.