www.fontwalk.de is a site that was created as a marketing tool for www.fontshop.com. I’m not so interested in their fonts, although it looks like they have a nice selection. I am more interested in the great design ideas behind the Font Walk site.

It is a very non-traditional user experience that takes the parallax scrolling trend to another level. It’s a very visually pleasing site though I think the scrolling becomes a bit much after a while. As you continue to scroll through the site you find all sorts of different things happening. I don’t really remember any of the content, maybe that’s because it was in German, but I did find that I wanted to keep scrolling all the way to the bottom.

I’m a fan of sites that push the limits of user experience design and that challenge current design trends with new and original thinking. Font Walk may be a little over the top but it’s certainly one of those sites.

Check it Out

Check out the Font Walk site for yourself here.