Oh Wow That’s Neat – 10: jQuery Notebook

March 12, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

Getting tired of those ugly old school WYSIWYG editors that have every setting under the sun? I know I am. Well, there are some other great solutions out there and jQuery Notebook is one of them.

jQuery Notebook

jQuery Notebook is a small JavaScript plugin that mimics the editor functionality seen in other platforms like Medium and Squarespace. It’s a newer approach to the WYSIWYG editor with streamlined functionality and a simpler interface.

The vast majority of people posting content on the web don’t even know what the difference is between an h1 and an h6 is so why do they need to have a bunch of HTML tags available? Well, they don’t really, nor do they need the ability to edit HTML and other more advanced options.

With jQuery Notebook they will simply write some text, highlight it, and then select from a small list of formatting tools. It’s a nice little alternative when it makes sense for your audience.

More Info & Download

You can get more info and download the library here

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