Quick Tip - 01: HTML5 A Tags, & Block Level Elements

January 12, 2014 | 0 Minute Read

HTML5 is different than XHTML in many ways. One thing that XHTML never had was a way to make block-level elements clickable without using JavaScript. Well, in HTML5 it's now possible.

That’s right, it seems a little weird but it is now valid to wrap block-level elements such as <div>, <h1>, and <p> tags for example within HTML5 a tags.

So, It’s now perfectly acceptable to do this:

<a href="https://briantree.se/">
    <h1>Brian Treese</h1>
    <p>Web Design and Development Tips, Techniques, Inspiration & More</p>

What I didn’t know is that this isn’t totally new. When using XHTML 2 it was valid to add an href attribute to any element, essentially doing the same thing.